We are educated sound & mastering engineers and producers with an addiction to bass music.
We help you out with our technical knowledge so you can focus on your creativity.

Our Concept

Mastering + Feedback

While we master your tunes, we have a deep insight into your mixdown work. We don’t want to just fix them, we will tell you in detail what we had to do and how you can improve your future mixdown.

With our objective second pair of ears, we will adjust your premaster in loudness and frequency balance. More difficult fixes, like too loud elements or an unbalanced kick-sub ratio, are handable until a certain point but beyond this point, other elements will be affected too harsh and maybe even get damaged. We point out these problems and do our best to fix them. You’ll listen to our master version and can decide if you like it or you if you want to make the suggested changes in a new mixdown version and get a new master for a little extra cost.

We give you, what mastering websites and VSTs don’t have: Someone to talk about your track with an objective opinion and an interactive way to learn and improve your skills.

Who we are:

Tom Apell

Mastering Engineer

Born in Berlin, Germany. Tom started to experiment with sounds in the early 2000s.
He started to study music-production & recording in 2012 and the art of mastering at the Dorian Gray Studios in Munich.
Now he is doing sound-design, post-production and production in a wide range of genres, from Neurofunk over Dubstep to Hiphop and released on compilations with well known names like Noisia, Datsik and many more.

Simon Schötz

Mastering Engineer

Simon was born in south Germany into a family full of musicians and tried to find his place in the musical world ever since. He decided to learn how to produce his own music and quit his job to study Music Technology in 2015. During this study, he had the opportunity to record, mix and master in the famous Dorian Gray Studios in Munich. Since October 2016 he is releasing Dub and Dubstep under his alias Busted Fingerz.

What clients say on facebook:

“Really quality mastering, good and usefull feedback. Always reagent and available.

Don’t hesitate !”

Very detailed and constructive feedback,

fair pricing and excellent results!

“Good communication and feedback on the mix helped to get a good final master. No clipping and a good loudness.

A joy to work with!”

After receiving extensive feedback on the mix the masters sounded super clean and balanced. Great sound with depth and punch.

Quality service - 5/5

My very first experience with a mastering service and I was not let down. Quality results and honest feedback that actually helped me to improve myself.

Friendly and fast communication. 5/5

I regularly use their services for mastering purposes and have never been disappointed. The masters always sound loud but without losing dynamics and clarity in the music.

5/5 would bang again

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